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We are a community-based, not-for-profit Kentucky LLC focused on safeguarding the architectural and cultural treasures bequeathed to us by our forebearers. We operate through the involvement of a growing national network of volunteers. We work with these individuals and organizations to (1) organize information campaigns, (2) staff  emergency lectures, and/or (3)  coordinate in-depth strategy sessions that generate action plans empowering citizens to save our landmarks from the wrecking ball. To that end, we (4) coach audiences on fiduciary wherewithal for  property owners tempted to sell out while we (5) publicly call to account institutional stewards who aim to facilitate the degradation and/or destruction of their people's  historical monuments.

Report a Heritage Crisis

Are you adamant about making sure that future generations are not deprived of the benefits of knowing from whence we have come as a national family, through African-American contributions? Are you invigorated by being able to see, touch, and feel a particular historic site that defines who we are and what we have built, even during America's most hostile eras?  Is there a historically significant African-American site threatened by the hand of Caesar and/or interloping financiers ignorant of and/or indifferent to cultural heritage?  Let us know! We will assemble an action team to research, report, and intervene publicly. Call us immediately to report names, locations, and facts, as far as you know them, on the ATHP Heritage-Crisis Hotline.

Dial (888) 400-3925.

Thank You

Executive Director Amos N. Jones was particularly impressed with the full-house turnout for his first-ever Emergency Lecture. Held in his individual capacity, this unique offering took place on Friday September 22, 2017, at the historically and architecturally significant Main Street Baptist Church of Lexington, Ky. From the title "The Slavery-Era Churches of Lexington: Law and Politics of the Past, Present, and Future," Jones expressed an intention of sponsoring similar lectures throughout the country. Through the expansion of the ATHP, this goal will be promptly actualized.

Citizens' courage remains essential in the ATHP's  undertakings. Whether you alert us to circumstances requiring or about to require intervention, volunteer in our investigations, reporting, and publications, make payments while we explore applying for federal non-profit exemption in 2019-20, or simply share our mission through word-of-mouth engagement and attendance at an emergency lecture, we thank you. We could never accomplish our public-interest goals in this unique vineyard without the help of serious supporters. 

Two Films from ATHP's Inaugural Emergency Lecture

In addition to the full lecture-program video from the Historic Main Street Baptist Church on September 22, 2017, in Lexington, we are delighted to announce our mini-documentary's simultaneous debut. ATHP's UNESCO World Heritage Site Exploratory Project was unveiled in response to an audience member's question at the Emergency Lecture. After watching the unedited, 90-minute lecture with Q&A, learn more about ATHP's UNESCO project by watching and commenting on the 16-minute, on-location film introducing the five standing antebellum churches organized among African-American slaves and representing three Christian denominations in Downtown Lexington during the 1700s and 1800s. This co-location of sites was covered in February 2000 by USA Today, long before the current threats emerged. 

Click Here to Watch and comment on the Full Emergency Lecture

The Mini-Documentary: Preserving Slavery-Era Religious Sites

ATHP is raising awareness, educating the public, and fighting for preservation

Seminal Support

With a $100,000 challenge pledge from our first Executive Director, Washington, D.C.,  attorney and legal scholar Amos N. Jones, we are a growing concern with a global reach. Initial captialization funded the incorporation and other startup costs, enabling the Trust hit the ground running in September 2017 one week after the publication of an important opinion piece in the September 11, 2017, print edition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Lexington Herald Leader newspaper. We will never solicit donations or charitable contributions because we wish to remain independent in how we go about sustaining and improving noted heritage and history sites on behalf of our communities. And yet, we intend to grow faithfully in the fight to save as many African-American heritage sites as possible. In this connection, we invite all persons who are serious about historic preservation to serve with us. Persons also may demonstrate their  commitment to our work by making unsolicited, voluntary  payments secured through ATHP's law firm.  

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